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Those who want to go out of the city, or walk in the nature, climb on the top of the mountains or visit some cultural heritages, Travel Point offers you to rest in Tusheti and explore Kazbegi Regiion. It is a historic regions located on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus  Mountains, about 270 km. from the capital Tbilisi. The elevation of Tusheti is 1650-4493m above sea level and occupies about 896 sq. km of area. Traditionally, the locals are sheep herders. Tushetian Gouda cheese and high quality wool was famous and was exported to Europe and Russia. Even today sheep and cattle breeding is the leading branch of the economy of highland Tusheti.

     In case of your willingness you can take part during the processing of cheese, butter, cottage cheese, sour milk and butter. You will be able to get information about the ancient technologies of knitting, processing of wool manually and coloration them using natural colors. Witness it and take part in it…


   It is a mountain place where population still has horses as the basic mean of transport. It attracts as Georgians as well as foreigner travelers with its ecologically clean environment, beautiful nature, snowy mountains, alpine meadows, glaciers, waterfalls, diverse landscapes, ancient towers, and cultural inheritance. In the evenings you can listen interesting stories by locals about mountain life.



SEASON STARTS: from the 1st of June and lasts to the end of September


Included / Excluded

The price is variable and depands on the number of tourists! 1-25 pax in a Group!


  • Recommended  number of the Vistitor should be 4 PAX.  & the maximum is 25 PAX
  • It is forbidden to catch, banish or cause any harm to animals
  • It is forbidden to climb on rocks without us or stand at the edge of gorges
  • Start a fire on the places other than specially designed spots
  • According to local customs and traditions, it is forbidden for females to enter sacred places and chapels
  • It is necessary to hold your passport or Identify documents with you In Tusheti protected area


For your convenience we suggest to wear sport shoes and do not forget sun cream, hat, warm jacket and raincoat

Weather: The climate is cold here and belongs to Alpine Climatic zone. Average temperature in July is about +13-17 C

The days should be warm to hot, but the air stays cool. The evenings are cool in Tusheti.

More details are available upon request 

Tour Map

This comprehensive map is designed to guide you through an exciting journey filled with remarkable destinations and captivating experiences.


We have carefully planned out each day to give you the best possible experience. From exploring historic landmarks to tasting delicious local cuisine, each day is packed with adventure and excitement. Join us as we take you on a journey through some of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

Transfer to the hotel. You will be met by the representative of Travel Point Agency

Overnight in Tbilisi (-/-/-)

  After Breakfast, we start our trip by driving to a small and very beautiful, romantic town Sighnaghi (790m), called as “Love city”. Approximately 113 km. southeast of Tbilisi. The town has been settled since Paleolithic period and is walled with the remnants of the 18th-century fortifications, overlooks the Alazani Valley and faces the Greater Caucasus Mountains.

     Visit Bodbe Monastery (9th c)-one of the major pilgrimage sites in Georgia, due to its association with St. Nino. Her grave is still shown at the Bodbe Monastery. This place used to be a coronation place of Georgian kings. Visiting the Spring of St. Nino- emerged through St. Nino’s prayers, believed to have a healing power.

        Drive to Tsinandali, a house museum of Prince Aelxander Tchavtchavadze (a famous Georgian romantic poet and representative of Kakheti nobility), botanical garden and wine cellar, where we taste 5 sorts of wine. Alexander Tchavtchavadze, a godson of Russian Tsarina Catherine II, however, remained mostly a “cultural nationalist”, defender of the native language, and an advocate of the interest of Georgian aristocratic and intellectual elites.

      Trip to Gremi, a 16th century architectural monument-the royal citadel and the church of the Archangels. The complex is what survived from the once flourishing town of Gremi. The bell-tower also houses a museum where several architectural artifacts and the 16th c. cannon are displayed. The walls are adorned with a series of portraits of the Kakhetian Kings.

      Excursion to Kvareli District. Visit a unique wine store kept in a tunnel engraved in rock. The tunnel length is 13,5 km. The store maintains permanent temperature at any season of year, hovering between 14/16 Celsius, ideal for maturing wine. Here you will tought how to make real Georgian wine by locals, how grape is presses, test the world’s favourite white and red wines, how delicious churchkhela (walnut roll) so characteristic of Kakheti is made, Mtsvadi roasting or Khinkali making, how appetite Kakhetian bread (Shoti) is baked…Witness it and take part in it.

   P.S The program takes at about 2,3 h. for group, where you with your hands will make them and then taste …


Overnight in Telavi


After breakfast departure to Tusheti/Omalo, a municipality center of Tusheti Region/Georgia, 1880 m. above sea level.

        En route Omalo , visit Alaverdi Monastery (11th C), parts of the monastery date back to 6th c. it was founded by the Assyrian monk Joseph (Yoseb, Amba), who came from Antioch and settled in Alaverdi.  In Alvani (village on Alazani valley) change the mode of transportation. Jeeps (4X4) wait for us there, due to drive up to greater Caucasus Mountains, in Tusheti.

      Drive to Omalo via Abano pass (at 2,850 m. 9, 350ft.), the highest drivable mountain pass, which is located in the central Part of the Great Caucasus maintains and connects two regions of Georgia: Kakheti on the south and Tusheti on the north.

Distance from Alvani to Omalo is 90 km.  It takes about 4 h by jeep.

Lunch Time: 13:00 PM -14:00 PM Picnic on the open air.

    After lunch, visit to Shenako, one of the few still populated villages in highland Tusheti. The village is overlooked by Mt.  Diklo (4285m.) and contains a series of buildings of Georgian folk architecture. (Stop the cars in Shenako)

    Walk to Diklo, neutral territory with Russia starts here, it has an old fortress perched on a spectacular rock promontory. In dense, virgin pine groves, you will follow an ancient sledge road cut through the woods 200 years ago. There you have a great view of a rocky pine forest, where some endangered animals-Ounce and wild Goat -are dwelling. Enjoy the views of the greater Caucasus Mountains.

  From Shenako to Diklo Fortress,- ↑ 380 m ↓225 m, 2 Hours, 6 km. 


Overnight in Omalo


   After Breakfast, we will explore the  Pirikiti Gorge, which is located in the inter-mountain narrow areas, surrounded by severe and snowy mountains peaks with no wood growing on them and covered with alpine pastures. The nature of Pirikiti Gorge is severe like all villages here. Except the ancient castles, houses and towers, there are also the ruins of Christian churches in the whole Pirikiti Gorge, where only men have access to enter.

      As for Dartlo,- it is the most beautiful village of Pirikiti Gorge, 2000 m. above sea level and still has its ancient look.

  • 13:00-14:00 PM have a lunch on the open air, picnic and enjoy the views of Caucasus Mountains’Glaciers, waterfalls and rare spices of flora.

     After sightseeing tour in Pirikiti Gorge, drive back to Omalo. Visit “the Castle of Keselo”,-a small medieval fortress just above the village of Omalo, constructed during the Mongol invasions in 1230. Its location is dazzling, surrounded by northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains.  Afterwards visit the Ethnographic museum and Visitors’ center.

  • Dartlo-Kvavlo (↑ 320 , 1 h, 2 km)
  • Kvavlo-Chesho (↑ 300m ↓ 500m, 1.40 hours, 6km)

Overnight in Omalo


     After breakfast, at first we will meet specialized horse guide and then by help of them we’ll start our tour by horses. Each person will have their own horse. During this wonderful tour we’ll have the opportunity to visit green-colored alpine Oreti Lake, walking by horse through beautiful pine forest, enjoy alpine meadows and breathtaking views over Tusheti. The lake itself is located in the protected area of Tusheti at about 2650 meters above sea level, at about 9km from the village Omalo.

From the lake we will look at the Caucasus Mountains face to face

  • We will have a lunch on the

Starting /ending point: Guesthouse

  • SIn total the program takes at about 8 h

Overnight in Omalo


    After breakfast, we will take a long drive to Tbilisi. En route visit the Ethnographic Museum and Visitor’s center of Tusheti. (Photo Stop)

P.S lunch time in Alvani Village.

Afterwards, we will continue driving towards Tbilisi, reach the Capital by evening.

Overnight in Tbilisi 


After Breakfast, we  start our trip by driving to Mtskheta (2nd millennium B.C.), the ancient capital of Georgia. The town and its architectural monuments are included in the World’s Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Jvari Monastery (6th c), Svetitskhoveli (11th c), – The unique murals of saints and Georgian monarchs are inside the main Cathedral. Souvenir Shops. Samtavro Monastery Complex (11th cc)


  P.S 14:00 PM (lunch time at the Restaurant of Phasanauri or Bulachauri

     After Lunch Ananuri Fortress (16th-17th cc). Drive the sides of the dramatic Aragvi River Valley up to the Jvari Pass (2395 m) and then down into Kazbegi (1700m).

     Kazbegi is a picturesque settlement overlooked by the biggest of all –Mount Kazbegi (5047 m). Before arrive in Kazbegi we will pass Gudauri ski resort. (2100m).

     We explore the area and have a detour to the Dariali Canyon and drive up to Gergeti Sameba Church (14th cc) beautifully situated on the hill and providing splendid views of Mt. Kazbegi Glassier summit. Surrounded by gigantic mountains Kazbegi is a picturesque settlement overlooked by the biggest of all-Mount Kazbegi (5047 m) –one of the six 5000 meter peaks of the Caucasus. According to the legend, Prometheus was chained on the mount Kazbegi.


 Overnight in Kazbegi


    After Breakfast, drive to Gori, a historical town, mainly known for its huge Fortress (13th c), and as a birthplace of J. Stalin. Visit the J. Stalin’s Museum. Then we cross the city to view the central square of the town, where a big monuments of Stalin still commands  the area.

   Drive to Uplistsikhe cave  town dated  to 7th c B.C.

 Return to Tbilisi


    19:00 PM Leaving Party at the National Restaurant with the Georgian folk songs and dances, which are greeting cards of Georgia. Add to this friendliness and easy-going hospitality and you’ll understand why a visit to Georgia is always a pleasure. Be prepared…and remember the best response to a toast is the word “Gaumarjos!” which translated as “to our Victory!”



 End of the tour. Transfer to Tbilisi airport


Each image tells a unique story, inviting us into a world of emotion, beauty, and complexity. Get ready to be moved, inspired, and challenged as we journey through this captivating collection of images.

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